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dosbox software for windows 7 64-bit free download | run dos applications on other platforms

Windows 7 is the latest windows operating system from microsoft. windows 7 is released with 32 bit and 64 bit operating system. most of the people migrated their operating system to windows 7 due its awesome look and interface. also windows 7 provides more functionalities than the previous operating systems like windows xp. The 32 bit operating system works good and satisfies the needs of the user. The problem comes with windows 7 64 bit operating system. The only problem with 64 bit OS is that it cannot support dos applications. So its a very big problem to users as many of the previous applications are written under dos environment. programmers will also suffer with windows 7 64 bit operating system because it cannot support programming tools like turbo c and other compilers. Luckily the problem of 64 bit users of windows 7 has been solved by a software called "Dosbox". In this post i will share the details about dos box software and how to operate and run dos applications in it. i will also share the free download links for dosbox for different operating systems like windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit.

What is Dosbox ?

dosbox software free downloadDosbox is a emulator for dos environment. Dosbox is used to run dos applications under different operating systems like windows 7 64 bit. The latest version of dosbox software is dosbox v 0.74. This new version of dosbox loads the dos environment and runs the dos applications in it. so by using dosbox v 0.74 we can run dos applications under any platform or operating system. the only thing we should do is to download the dosbox 0.74 software which is compatible with our operating system. you may not bother about the download link for dosbox. In this post i am sharing the free download links for latest version of dosbox 0.74. you can download and install it in your computer to run dos applications.

Advantages of using dosbox 0.74 ?

dosbox software for windows 7 free download
As i already explained you that dosbox is used to run dos applications under different operating systems. we can run dos applications on windows 7 64 bit platform using dosbox.

Useful for c programmers :-

turbo c on windows 7 64 bit using dosbox
This software is very useful for c programmers. As turbo c is a dos application and it cannot able to run on windows 7 64 bit platform. so in that case we can run turbo c using dosbox 0.74 software. This helps the c programmers in writing c codes in windows 7 64 bit platform.

how to download dosbox 0.74 software?

you can free download dosbox 0.74 software from the below links

Running Dos applications in Dosbox 0.74 :-

After installing the dosbox 0.4 software open the file and you will find a window as shown below.
dosbox software free download
Type the below two lines in the window
  • set ultrasnd=240,3,3,5,5
  • set ultradir=c:\ultrasnd
Then the window will be as follows

dosbox software free download
Now we should mount the directory of the dos application to a virtual directory to run in dosbox. let us assume the virtual directory be d and the dos application as the turbo c compiler. so the directory of turbo c in my system is c:/turboc2. so now to mount this directory to the virtual directory d, type the below line.
mount d c:/turboc2
Then the window will look like below
dosbox software free download
Now our turbo c directory is mounted to virtual directory d. to run the dos application i,e tc.exe in turboc2 directory, we should chage the directory in the dosbox window to the mounted virtual directoy i,e d. to change the directory to virtual directory d, simply type the line below
Now simply type the dos application file name with extension to run it under dosbox. here i am typing tc.exe. after entering the tc.exe i,e turbo c compiler is opened successfully in dosbox.
In this way we can run any dos application in any other operating systems with the help of dosbox.
Thus we can run dos applications under windows 7 64 bit and other platforms using dosbox 0.74. do you use dosbox or any other software for running dos applications ? let us know. share your views in the comments below. subscribe for updates to stay tuned for latest posts.....:)

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